Welcome to Meritorious Public School

Welcome to your dreams that come's true - Meritorious Public School - A Unique School of Quality Education.A trendsetter as one of the first fully integrated school in this part of the Gondia Distric . It is a co-educational school from Nursery to Class Vth, offers the CBSE Curriculum to pupils aged three years onwards in the school.The School offers unrivalled facilities & breadth of opportunity in its own beautiful estate of four acres,nestled in the outskirt of Tirora.Pupils benefit from a secure & safe environment,free from pollution We adopt the most modern methods of teaching and lay equal emphasis.We allows the teacher and student to be in harmony, enabling a self-learning process with a medium for constant interaction with each other. Our teachers have been trained to act as falicitators to help students to develop responsibility, self confidence, self discipline,manners & etiquetts and a commitment to themselves, their family and to their community.

About Us

Agrasen Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha, Tirora formed by the prominent & well educated members in Gondia Distric in view of social responsibilities.This educational & multidirectional institute established in 1993 with due respect of progress of our society. This dream come to true on the month of January 2011 in which society members decided to open a New school in Tirora City.The basic reason behind selection of Tirora city is that AAPLI MATI AAPLI MANSA.
On the same thinking on dated 11th February 2012 to start city office for Meritorious Public School.The meaning of MERITORIOUS is deserving great praises.This is one of the word Meritorious include all the best means perfect.
We have Simple Mantra, DISCIPLINE,DUTY,DEDICATION. We Learn appropriately sums up our commitment to the cause of education and its resultant labour. Reason again, why we have emerged as one of the premier Institutions in the Gondia Distric Today.